“Entertaining, Informative and Interactive…Perfect for the wine neophyte as well as the cognoscenti. You'll enjoy every minute as you explore beautiful Napa Valley : just be sure to pour a glass of Cabernet!:
Peter Marks, MW. Director of Wine, COPIA Center for Wine, Food & the Arts

“ An incredibly insightful, interactive and useful tool to see the Napa Valley through the eyes of its winemakers, vineyard managers and winery owners”
Robert Bath, Master Sommelier RLB Wine Group

Discover When, Where and How Napa Valley Hit Paydirt

88 Interviews..44 Wineries..This definitive Guide combines the immediacy of film with the flexibility of a book to educate and entertain food and wine lovers about this World-renowned wine region.

Take a personal behind the scenes tour with the experts as they explain:

  • Terroir: Why 21 regions in less than 30 miles is not just hype.
  • Winegrowing..Is it Art, Craft or Science?
  • History.. Stories and Legends that brought the Napa Valley from proud Native Americans to International Recognition.

Enjoy the glories of the Napa Valley on your big-screen TV, or explore the integrated weblinks on your computer. Either way a wealth of information is at your fingertips.

This DVD will play on any NTSC compatible (US
TV standard) DVD player anywhere in the World.