Bearshead publish interactive DVDs that provide wine lovers, gourmets and World travelers with inside knowledge on the World’s top wine and spirit regions. These are the audio-visual equivalent of books by Hugh Johnson or Jancis Robinson, The interactivity brings the flexibility of a book to the immediacy of film, allowing the viewer to follow their own level of interest.

Traditionally a DVD is one long movie with a few short “extras” tacked on to the end. Our DVDs take full advantage of the technolgy to put the viewer in charge: the disk consists of a series of mini documentaries (1-7minutes long) which can be watched in any order. This flexiblity means that we are no longer constrained by the traditional need to find a lowest common denominator--the same DVD will work for the expert and the novice, the die hard winegeek will be as happy as the spa loving tourist.

Accessiblity to the vast amount of material in our DVDs is important to us. We have grouped our fascinating mini documentaries by subject: Terroir, Wine & Spirit Growing, History and Tour so that anyone can dip in at any time: a few minutes over a lunch break to get information for your next purchase, or an hour or two to wallow in the glorious history and views of a region.

The disks are edited so that the experts are speaking directly to the viewer--there is no omniscient narrator to color the information or shield the viewer from the truth. We wanted the people who are most passionate about what they do to speak for themselves. This means that the viewer develops a (virtual) relationship with their wine and spirit making heroes.

For the wine lover we provide education--giving the viewer the knowledge to appreciate why certain regions can produce such extraordinarily fine wines and spirits, and giving them the tools to make more informed buying decisions.

For the Tourist the DVD is a crucial resource for planning a trip, as well as an excellent souvenir that is lighter and cheaper than actual bottles and can be explored and savored over and over again.