"Entertaining Documentary"... there are only five movies that make the cut... and she gives ours the best wine pairings! (Pg 8) Paula Barker "Wine in Books, Songs, Media Events & Film"

"Outstanding ...delightful series of perspectives of beautiful Napa Valley...from the rich heritage of the land and the early days of the vines, to current viticultural development and interviews with prominent winegrowers today. The interactive aspect of the DVD ... allowed me to absorb the actual texture, the heart, of Napa Valley. The video road tour of the Silverado Trail was like a fine vintage wine in itself!"
K. Pascoe,


"Breathtaking panoramas of Napa Valley's beauty.... a great gift for your oenophile friends"
George Starke, St. Helena Star


" Wow!! ... A first class production. I love the options of Interactive, Guided, and Index. I have watched part of it on my i-book G4 and some on my 51 inch projection TV. The quality is tops: platform doesn't matter. Bravo and thank you. When people have a passion and an affinity for their work, the quality shows. James, the quality sings loudly."
PJ, Quebec,Canada


"I have discovered so much about the wines and the history of this Valley. I love this extraordinary production and applaud the diligence and talent in producing the DVD. I wanted to add the viewpoint of a very happy viewer who learned a great deal about our valley, our history, our wine and our community."
Carolynne Gamble, St. Helena Star


An incredibly insightful, interactive and useful tool to see the Napa Valley through the eyes of its winemakers, vineyard managers and winery owners�
Robert Bath, Master Sommelier
RLB Wine Group


"Wow, what a great DVD. Fully interactive and I recommend this to any person ...who enjoys wine. James Forbes takes you into the heart of wine country and explains the history of wine, takes you on tours of the different vineyards and answers any questions you might have about ...the different regions of Napa Valley and its grapes. This is a great DVD to gather friends together and share a few bottles of wine and escape to Napa Valley!"
Jennifer Deyonker,

"Rubicon Estate/Niebaum Coppola hosted an event to showcase James & Kerry Forbes' wonderful DVD...featuring stunning shots (mostly by Kerry) of 44 wineries and scenic views of the Valley. The DVD would make a great gift for friends who plan to visit the Valley."
George Starke, St. Helena Star


�Entertaining, Informative and Interactive�Perfect for the wine neophyte as well as the cognoscenti. You'll enjoy every minute as you explore beautiful Napa Valley : just be sure to pour a glass of Cabernet!:
Peter Marks, MW.
Director of Wine, COPIA Center for Wine, Food & the Arts